Configuration Management

Use Modularity to Configure your Products

Fulfilling your customer requirements is more straightforward and efficient when your product platforms are modularized. Organizations employing modularity achieve a high variety of customized solutions with less complexity and better economy of scale in design for production and operations.

PALMA provides well-grounded methods and tools for handling a configurable product range without placing the burden on your sales organization or the customer for the increased variability. Many companies that rely on SuperBOMs (150% BOM’s) supported by PLM systems find that there are practical limits to their system for modularity and configurability. Conversely, companies with PALMA have a proven, scalable approach to managing complex product configurations. With a modular product platform in place, PALMA ensures products are configured in a generic product structure where the modules are mapped into position.

For software system releases, PALMA provides a management system to track the corresponding modules and module versions. This can be difficult to achieve manually and typically requires a complex configuration management system, as well as tailor-made solutions for each product. PALMA can also provide a hardware specification for software configuration to ensure that the right software is deployed to the hardware configuration.

The result is a custom product portfolio that is efficient to manage and maintain, even with frequent phase-ins of new module variants.


Module Variant Specification

The module variant specification ensures that building blocks added to the product assortment adds value. By defining variants with product properties it becomes clear why you have the variance you have.

Complexity Tree

The complexity tree gives a visual representation of the combinatorics of product property goal values based on the module variant specification. The complexity tree will give increased overview and quality assurance of module variant specifications, especially the ones with many variants and many properties.

Generic Product Structure

To get the full potential out of a modular architecture, bill of materials need to be re-imagined. With our generic product structure you can manage all your BOM:s in one. This will accelerate your ability to offer modular solutions to your customers.


With the Configurator you can see in real time what happens to your product assortment if a module variant is phased out, if a configuration rule is changed or an interface is modified. Explore what this does to your product assortment before taking decisions.

Product Specification Matrix

In the PSM tool all information about a configuration can be stored, not just the included module variants. This can be used to give a sales specification perspective on product configurations.

Constraint Editor

Modeling the configuration rules of complex products like heavy industrial equipment requires powerful functionality. Our constraint editor provides a rich library of logical operators to take on even the toughest configuration challenges.

Secrets Behind Successful Product Configuration

The challenge is to enable product configuration in a process that puts customers first while reducing business complexity. We share the secrets of how to succeed in this blog post.

How Does PALMA Help You?

Configuration Manager

PALMA gives configuration managers a unique tool to manager configuration rules and constraints in the same place. All relevant input for the configuration is managed on your finger tips. De-bugging of your configurations is also easy to do since PALMA provides you with relevant alerts

Product Portfolio Manager

Product portfolio manager can master and align commercial, technical, product and module plans in one tool. With PALMA changes and dependencies are updated in real time and planning conflicts are easy to spot.

Product Manager

As product manager PALMA will provide you with all management perspectives of the product, from well documented customer needs to a full commercial and technical specification of the product. Product decisions will be easier and fact based with volume and profitability data at hand.

Let's meet to Try PALMA

Book a meeting with us to explore how PALMA fits your needs. A PALMA Demo is 45 min long and we will then go through these agenda points with you:

      • Introductions and alignment, 5 min
      • The PALMA idea, 5 min
      • Use Cases and Capabilities, 10 min
      • PALMA demo, 20 min
      • Questions and answers, 5 min

        The agenda points can be adjusted depending on your specific interest and need.