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The work of modularization is largely about develop and systemize data from many different domains, such as market, customer, functional, technical, and manufacturing, to mention a few. It become evident that a competent information management system was required to accomplish an effective workflow.

The problem was that such system did not exist, and Modular Management has therefore from the start developed our own software solutions. We are now on our third generation, and we call it Product Architecture Life Cycle Management, PALMA®.

We have the only software on the market today, and for more than two decades, to support the creation, implementation and governance of modular architectures end-to-end, and we are so proud of it.


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PALMA Studio is where the magic happens, here we come to work everyday to build the best tool there is to master product complexity.

We work from our nice office in central Stockholm, but also remotely. We are a dedicated team that thrives with technical challenges and are passionate about quality. We have our own “Scrumish” process, built from modern development methodologies in a mix that works for us. We practice three weeks sprints which ends with a Release Candidate. After final testing we deploy to our worldwide SaaS environment. This means a short cycle from Coding to User feedback. Our quality assurance framework also includes, coding standards, code reviews, unit test and integration tests.

Learning is part of our everyday work. Colleagues are our primary source of knowledge, together we improve!

Our technology stack require skills in .NET Core, Visual Studio, C#, JavaScript, Starcounter db, D3.js, Polymer, Web components, Blazor, WebAssembly, GitHub, TeamCity, AWS, Cloud Formation, Docker, Kubernetes, Cyber Security, NGNIX, Linux, Windows and more…

Are you a fullstack developer who wants to join us, don’t hesitate to reach out...