Build a Scalable Future for your Product Architecture

PALMA facilitates a smooth setup of product architecture data to organize and manage your product architecture. Organizations leverage PALMA as a single source of truth for data-driven decision-making that synchronizes their business from end to end.

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Business units are not synchronized, leading to a slower than necessary time to market

Inconsistent documentation leads to lost information, overlooked decisions, and a difficult-to-maintain roadmap

Lack of market segmentation in product architecture risks missing market standards and customer demands

"If you want to create and govern modular product architecture, this software is a must. It guides you how to create the modular architecture. Palma connects things together and you can see how decisions impact the complete picture.”

- Jussi S., Wärtsilä Corporation

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PALMA documents product architecture in a clear information model, enabling coordination, synchronization, and communication across all business areas.

Strategic Roadmap

Product launch and technical evaluation goes hand in hand. Document decisions and estimated timelines to create strategic, executive and technical roadmaps to communicate and believe in.

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Time to Market

A clear information model organizes company product data. PALMA's common language enables everyone in the company to talk synchronized, leaving less room for error and faster time-to-market.

Voice of the Customer – Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is about listening to the voice of the customer. PALMA connects the voice of the customer to realization of the product architecture. This creates transparency in the product from market drivers.


Product Architecture

PALMA Composer enables manufacturers to transition into a composable business with tools for modularization, configuration and organization support.
Dynamic companies with scalable, resilient product strategies requires a digital thread to deliver value across all operations.