Speed to Market through Seamless Product Launch

Creating a seamless experience for sharing the latest product portfolio improves overall quality and reduces time to market.  It ensures that customers and extended teams have immediate access to the most current product information. This advantage consistently outpace the competition. Configuration and product releases to rely on.

Strategic Software for Product Launches

Poor product coordination and system integration causes errors, quality issues and delays lead time

Without seamless access to product configuration data, your organization relies on outdated information instead of new product innovations

Today's product selectors struggle with the complexities of your portfolio, leading to a poor customer experience.

"PALMA, Supporting our journey towards a better profitable product portfolio.

- Thomas E., Principle R&D Project Leader, Ericsson

PALMA enables seamless product launches, expanding your reach and outperform the competition

Seamless Product Launch

A product launch with integrated systems forms the foundation for digital transformation, mitigating errors and quality issues for improved time to market.


Product Configuration Integrated Anywhere

Configuration should be tailored to specific needs. Whether enhancing an existing platform or developing a new one PALMA elevates market offerings, improves customer experience, and surpasses expectations.


Make Experts Scalable

Constraint-based solvers empowers product experts to scale efficiently. Make your product portfolio more accessible and visible to all users. Enhance the ability to release innovations that significantly improve the buyer experience.


Product Launches and Execution

PALMA Configurator executes the configuration model and serves other systems, platforms or solutions with results. Utilize configuration everywhere!