What is the Value of Streamlining your Product Architecture Data Management?

    Companies adept at information management are armed with a powerful competitive advantage. Learn how to quantify the value of digitalization of architecture data management, the background of Product Architecture, and why the data needs to be managed.

    Secrets Behind Successful Product Configuration

    Today, customers want to configure solutions that meet their needs and preferences, but how can companies do so without overwhelming the business with complexity? Learn our secrets for successful configuration and how to enable configuration within design engineering, supply chain, and IT systems.

    Do You Have the Right Tools for Managing Your Products and Product Platforms?

    Industrial companies are increasingly turning to digital tools to help them manage their products and portfolios with a strategic and data-driven approach. Especially when supply chain threats or volatile economic conditions arise, choosing the right digital tools is more crucial than ever. 

    Case Studies

    Wärtsilä 25

    Read how Wärtsilä developed a new, flexible engine family faster than ever before with the help of a modular product architecture and PALMA.

    Alfa Laval

    Modularity and a uniform information model enabled Alfa Laval to offer Configure to Order, reducing workload and lead time when launching new product variants.


    Learn how this Norwegian-based construction company created a flexible modular system for housing interiors with a shift to a configurator-based market model.

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    Increase Efficiency with a Unified Product Information Model

    Unlock the full potential of your value chain by optimizing the flow of product information. Even the most complex product portfolios can be developed, manufactured, and delivered to the market when anchored in robust product architectures.

    How to Manage a System of Modular Systems? and Why?

    View our webinar to learn how modular companies are gaining a competitive advantage with a modular framework across platforms and system levels.

    Best Practices to Define and Manage Product Architecture Data

    This webinar will walk you through best practices and the dos and don’ts of documenting and managing information objects. Learn ​what core information objects to focus on, common pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

    All You Need to Know About Modularization

    Download this guide to learn the basics of modularity, how it enables more flexible and efficient products and tips to get started.

    Guide to Select a Product Configurator

    The number of configuration options available today can often feel overwhelming, and the costs are high for manufacturers needing to configure their product portfolios more efficiently. Feel confident in your configurator choice by downloading the guide.

    9 CAD Systems that Supports Configuration Design Guide

    Download our guide featuring nine popular CAD solutions and their applications to analyze CAD solutions suitable for the configuration design of modular systems.