Overcome Organizational Chaos

With PALMA, you can orchestrate your entire organization from ideation to realization of your complete product portfolio. This platform enables data-driven collaboration and insights within a strong governance framework, enhancing scalability, resilience, quality, and cost control across your operations.

palma software for governance

Organizations operating with little visibility or transparency create distrust and inefficiency 

Gut instinct decisions, instead of data-driven,  lead to organizational chaos and missed market opportunities

Lack of framework for expectation management, planning and orchestration slows down time-to-market

"With previous modularity and configurability knowledge, connected with the Agile way of working, we succeeded in presenting the newest member of our product portfolio faster to the market than ever before.”

- Tuomas Linna, Program ManagerWärtsilä Corporation

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PALMA empowers you to orchestrate and organize product stakeholders to greater profitability and scalable collaboration

Faster Cross-Functional Collaboration

Implementing a framework for expectation management, planning, and governance is essential for effective operation. Using PALMA to establish this framework facilitates quicker cross-functional collaboration

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Connecting strategic and executive roadmaps to market requirements and technical product planning provides valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making 


Transparency and Visibility for all Product Stakeholders

PALMA ensures that the right people have access to the correct information exactly when needed. This commitment to data democracy and transparency enhances accuracy, speed, and autonomy for teams involved in product development


Product Orchestration

PALMA Composer enables manufacturers to transition into a composable business with tools for modularization, configuration and organization support. Dynamic companies with scalable, resilient product strategies requires a digital thread to deliver value across all operations.