Master a Configurable Offering

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Maximize the Modularity

The bill of material (BOM) needs to be re-imagined to get the full potential out of a modular architecture. With our generic product structure, you can manage all of your BOMs in one place. This functionality will accelerate your ability to offer new modular solutions to your customers.

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Efficiency in Product Management

Make product BOMs on a module level by using the built-in configurator engine or you can define them manually. Product structures can be expanded in the product configuration matrix to show precisely what module variants each product contains.

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Understand what Products you can Build

With the Configuration lab, you can see, in real-time, what happens to your product assortment if a module variant is phased out, if a configuration rule is changed, or an interface is modified. Explore what this does to your product assortment before making decisions.

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Capture the Product Logic

We created the system property matrix to understand what products can be built and how the interplay between product properties works. Here you can get an intuitive overview of the configuration logic without expert knowledge of configurators or coding.

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Master Even the Toughest Rules

Modeling the configuration rules of complex products like heavy industrial equipment requires powerful functionality. Our constraint editor provides a rich library of logical operators to take on even the toughest configuration challenges.

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