Product Portfolio Planning

Make Roadmaps To Believe In

Managing a modular product platform means there must be an understanding of how changes to a module impact the product across your portfolio. What is the timeline to release a new product and what is the impact if there is a change in priorities or a delay? Reduced capacity or lack of components also requires a holistic analysis before decisions can be made.

PALMA leverages the power of synchronized planning with the option for multiple releases for any given product, module, technology or feature level. In the event of conflicting plans, PALMA visualizes the relationship between them and provides insight on where to manage the conflict. Now trustworthy roadmaps with real data that your organization can believe in are achievable.


Module Variant Plan

In configurable products the planned release of one module variant can have a big impact on many planned products. The module variant plan let users by the click of a button generate the development plan based on when the products are intended for release. This creates better consistency in the planning process.

Commercial Launch Planner

The commercial launch plan shows what commercial specification levels will be released at what time and what this means for engineering. The commercial specification is linked to a more detailed requirement specification that engineering can act on.

Product Release Plan

In the product release plan tool volumes are  visualized per product with phase-in and phase-out dates. The tool also shows possible conflicts e.g module variants not available for your product.  

Volume Plan

In the volume plan tool volumes are visualized per module and module variant by the time period of your choice.  The tool is helpful for capacity and product planning.


Sales Forecast

The sales forecasting tool lets a team make forecast on the detail level they feel most comfortable with. The tool supports high level forecasts on year by year level or more granular forecasts down to monthly level.

Technical Feasibility Plan

Reaching targeted product specification levels can require a lot of testing, prototyping and verification. Tracking the progress and indicating when there is a delay is done in the technical feasibility tool. This automatically flags any product delays this might lead to.

How to Create Roadmaps to Believe in?

In this recorded webinar, we discuss how your company can use your product platform to improve the product planning process. We will describe three types of roadmaps: the commercial roadmap, the product roadmap and the module roadmap. And how they can be connected and synchronized. 

You will improve the flow of information from product strategy to product execution, building the right products AND building the products right. 

How Does PALMA Help You?

Product Portfolio Manager

Product portfolio manager can master and align commercial, technical, product and module plans in one tool. With PALMA changes and dependencies are updated in real time and planning conflicts are easy to spot.

Configuration Manager

PALMA gives configuration managers a unique tool to manager configuration rules and constraints in the same place. All relevant input for the configuration is managed on your finger tips. De-bugging of your configurations is also easy to do since PALMA provides you with relevant alerts

Business Manager

PALMA is a management systems. Business leaders will make better decision with higher revenue and margins due to better transparency and insights in costs, margins and volumes. Increased agility to meet new market requirements and customer needs Information will be shared and transparent end-to-end from market requirements, product planning, design, development, sales configuration, operations and service.

Let's meet to Try PALMA

Book a meeting with us to explore how PALMA fits your needs. A PALMA Demo is 45 min long and we will then go through these agenda points with you:

      • Introductions and alignment, 5 min
      • The PALMA idea, 5 min
      • Use Cases and Capabilities, 10 min
      • PALMA demo, 20 min
      • Questions and answers, 5 min

        The agenda points can be adjusted depending on your specific interest and need.