Where Company Strategy Meets Product Execution

Developing and maintaining modular product platforms over their lifetime requires a proven methodology and structured approach. PALMA enables this process by providing both business and technical decision-making support. For example, the insight supplied by PALMA aids organizations in making decisions around what technical solutions to use, and how to divide the products into independent modules. The capability applies to mechanics, electronics, and software individually as well as combined in a mechatronic system.

PALMA also creates the structure to understand how each module is linked to your product strategy and how the product platform fulfills the overall company strategy. Operating in this capacity, PALMA answers questions like:
-What interfaces exist between modules that protect the overall platform?
-How should performance steps be packaged into commercial offerings?

With PALMA, businesses have readily available tools to efficiently guide and document choices, while also helping identify future improvements to the product platform and portfolio. They have ease of access to former product data with the potential to reduce costs by reusing product assets when feasible for the next product generation.


Design Property Matrix

In any product there are product property specification levels that a company wants to deliver through the product. The DPM explores what technical solutions contribute to deliver this. It gives indications on what solutions need to vary and what solutions can be standradized. It also gives a first view of how these technical solutions can be arranged into a modular architecture.

Concept Evaluation Matrix

Creating a product assortment with as little functional overlap as possible might require some tough decisions. The concept evaluation tool helps a team to reach consensus around which technical concept brings the most customer value.

Function Analysis

In the Functional analysis tool you analyse what function each technical solution is performing. Alternative or overlapping solutions are documented to find the best way to design the products

Module Strategy Matrix

Set company strategy per module to make it clearly stated which modules should come in variance, should be stable over time, standardized, developed etc. 

Module Builder

How to divide the product into modules is not always obvious. With our algorithm PALMA generates a proposal based on the profile of each technical solution. The team refines it and the outcome is your new product architecture!

Interface Matrix

The key to configurability, the ability to offer a wide variety of products to the market, is the interfaces. In the interface matrix, these are documented and governed. And no designer will ever again break an interface by mistake.

All You Need to Know About Modularization

Read this blog to learn all you need to know about modularization and modular systems to deliver what customers want while maintaining optimal complexity.

How Does PALMA Help You?


CTO or Head of R&D will benfit from PALMA with shorter time to market and increased quality in product development because of no gap between product strategy requirements specification and product development/execution. Product innovation will catalyzed together with increased reuse of existing solutions and higher R&D efficiency


Engineers will easy access to customer requirements, why a specific technical solution is decided and module design specification at one place and in a common format. Strategic, tactical and operational product information will provide context for day/to/day design tasks.

Product Manager

As product manager PALMA will provide you with all management perspectives of the product, from well documented customer needs to a full commercial and technical specification of the product. Product decisions will be easier and fact based with volume and profitability data at hand.

Let's meet to Try PALMA

Book a meeting with us to explore how PALMA fits your needs. A PALMA Demo is 45 min long and we will then go through these agenda points with you:

      • Introductions and alignment, 5 min
      • The PALMA idea, 5 min
      • Use Cases and Capabilities, 10 min
      • PALMA demo, 20 min
      • Questions and answers, 5 min

        The agenda points can be adjusted depending on your specific interest and need.