PALMA, the world-class solution for Product Architecture Management. PALMA enables you to design and control your product offering from a wide set of business aspects including market segments, customer requirements, product performance, costs, profitability, complexity, volumes, resources, target fulfilments and availability.  

PALMA is a cloud-based strategic software to create, document and govern modular product architectures. With its unique information model and structured approach, you can manage and analyze the digital weave of data and relations that defines your product offering. 

As enterprise solution PALMA offers integration capabilities through easy-to-use REST API:s. PALMA enables an efficient information exchange across your IT landscape by providing common product data back-bone between product management, sales, engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain – realizing the unbroken digital thread and best of breed strategy for your tool chain.    

PALMA Enterprise includes the capabilities Product Planning, Modularity, Configurability and Profitability delivered on our Foundation SaaS solution. See details below.