Customers want quality products, tailor-made to their needs.

They want the latest and greatest technology, delivered quickly and at a reasonable price.

Easy right?

Whether small or large, simple or complex products, the whole organization must work together to deliver what customers want while generating profit.

Sales wants to offer customized solutions; solutions that meet the needs of each customer.

R&D wants to focus on performance and technology, and hopes that Sales sticks to what’s available.

Supply wants to deliver products quickly, with a high degree of predictability and reliability.


Product Management balances the often-contradictory perspectives of Sales, R&D and Supply – but product managers often lack the tools they need.

So how can you connect your company and deliver what customers want?

The answer is product architecture.

An architecture of modules and standardized interfaces that enables you to deliver an evolving family of market-driven products. And because each module is explicitly linked to company strategy, the company stakeholders are connected and aligned.

Module data is well-defined and structured in a common language, improving your capability to quickly translate customer needs into new products and new features.

Software for Product Architecture Lifecycle Management connects customer needs, product properties and the configuration logic of your market offering – all so you can reduce complexity and deliver what customers want.

Connect your company with Product Architecture Lifecycle Management. Connect your company with PALMA.