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Product Portfolio Planning with PALMA

PALMA Product Architecture Realization 6

Product Plans to Believe in

The commercial launch plan shows what commercial specification levels will be released at what time and what this means for engineering. The commercial specification is linked to a more detailed requirement specification that engineering can act on.

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Track Development Delays

Reaching targeted product specification levels can require a lot of testing, prototyping and verification. Tracking the progress and indicating when there is a delay is done in the technical feasibility tool. This automatically flags any product delays this might lead to.

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Sales Forecast in Detail

The sales forecasting tool lets a team make forecasts on the detail level they feel most comfortable with. The tool supports high-level forecasts on a year-by-year level or more granular forecasts down to monthly level.

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No More Conflicting Plans

In configurable products the planned release of one module variant can have a big impact on many planned products. The module variant plan let users by the click of a button generate the development plan based on when the products are intended for release. This creates better consistency in the planning process.

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