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I have a specific interest in enterprise digitalization. As former CEO and President of the Sidel Group, I've faced the challenges of connecting strategy, products and results, and dealing with system legacy and integration.

What’s the Value of PALMA?digitalization_document_driven 2

To take advantage of the explosion in available data, companies need to progress from AI-enabled analytics to innovative and proprietary ways to act on information.

PALMA is a means to achieve this.

This software is based on the insight that disaggregating a product range into a modular system can also be used to create a universal information model, anchored to strategic intent and covering all market/product-related data.

With PALMA, customer offers, customer orders, P-BOMs, E-BOMs, S-BOMS, and supplier orders can be seamlessly configured in separate CRM, ERP and PLM platforms from the same underlying data.

PALMA is a management tool for articulating and executing company strategy in terms of information processing and mobilizing existing function-specific IT platforms as enablers of a digitalization strategy.

PALMA supports the creation and maintenance of a specific type of modular product and information architecture. This architecture is explicitly linked to company strategy, improves your ability to capture customer needs and creates upstream economies of scale. Modules are defined in a common way across all functions, and configured for different functional purposes, including design, supply chain and sales configuration.digitalization_information_model 2

Working with PALMA is fundamentally different and inherently superior to current practice, even in leading companies. All relevant information is captured in a coherent way and can be processed at different levels of abstraction or detail, replacing PowerPoint-supported communication at higher management levels and greatly simplifying the transfer of rich real-time transactional information between existing CRM/CPQ, ERP/MRP and PLM/CAD platforms.

You can then begin the development and execution of a digitalized market/product strategy without getting bogged down in massive IT platform upgrade programs.


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