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In today’s global economy, the speed of change is inevitable. Organizations that adopt a composable business structure find that they are better positioned for both success and sustainable growth. The key enabler to a composable business model is best achieved with modular product platforms and configurable products. With PALMA, the leading software solution for strategic and data driven product management, you can have full control over the lifecycle of your modular product platforms while also efficiently managing configuration.

Achieve true composability for your organization with PALMA.

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What is PALMA?

“Everything you need for manage your portfolio in just one place”

“The highest value comes from the way the tool creates connections, rules and traceability that are often difficult using traditional tools.”

"Palma connects things together and you can see how decisions impact to the complete picture.”

Systems of Systems Now Available!

As manufacturers look to evolve their product architecture maturity and increase customer value, their products often increase in complexity or span several disciplines. This journey requires the right tools and a product architecture capable of customization to support the evolution.

Systems of Systems enable companies to manage large or multiple modular systems more efficiently with a structure allowing easy reuse of modules and architecture data.

Power Packed with Features

Market Needs

Flexible tools specify targeted performances and features

Sales Set-up

Sales order configuration and pricing

Detail Design

Engineering product specification

Product Planning

Product, commercial, and module planning

Module System

Specifications for modules, variants, and configuration logic

Product Control

Manage portfolio and systems profitability.

Scenario Analysis

Manage portfolio and systems profitability with scenario analysis

Production Preparation

Supply chain planning and manufacturing product specification

Commercial Offering

Product and properties specification

How Good Are You at Managing Your Product Architecture and Configuration?

We have designed a test that will give you insights into how fit your product architecture is in the areas of modularity, configuration, and governance. At the end of the test you will get a recommendation about where you are and what to do next. Have a go at it here.

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