Connected for Growth 

Accelerate Growth with Reduced Product Complexity and Improve Time-to-Market

With Palma, organizations establish a scalable and resilient product process with ease. It's core offering is in developing a product architecture, and analyzing and maintaining the profitability of product portfolios. It streamlines the process for introducing and updating products with its Configurator solution. With Palma, product leadership becomes more efficient and well-supported than ever before.


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PALMA User Logos

“Everything you need for manage your portfolio in just one place”

“The highest value comes from the way the tool creates connections, rules and traceability that are often difficult using traditional tools.”

"Palma connects things together and you can see how decisions impact to the complete picture.”

Lack of Scalability and Market Adaptation is Hurting Growth for Manufacturers

Product architectures are not synced with stakeholders to manage rapid changes in market requirements

Organizational expectations lack clarity, leading individuals to rely on information recalled from previous alignments

Uncoordinated product launches cause lengthy training, leading to delays, distrust, and quality issues

PALMA Boosts Product Portfolio Design and Orchestration for Accelerated Business Composability


Architected Products Creates the Base for a Composable Business

Import existing product architecture and data, or redefine it according to Modular Management MFD® Methodology. Document it with Market Segmentation and Modularity tools in PALMA to create an information model shareable across the entire organization.

This enables a common and shared language throughout the organization

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Portfolio Management Revolves Around People and Expectations

With the product portfolio tools and reports, actionable insights are created, enabling short and long-term strategic, data-driven decisions. This support facilitates faster communication with all product stakeholders

Seamless and Effortless Product Launch

Product leaders need smooth transitions for operational product launches. The PALMA Configurator provides stakeholders—sales, marketing, supply chain, and manufacturing—direct access to the latest product configurations and definitions. This ensures unbeatable time-to-market

Product Launch

PALMA Composer enables manufacturers to transition into a composable business with tools for modularization, configuration, and organization support. Dynamic companies with scalable, resilient product strategies requires a digital thread to deliver value across all operations.


PALMA Configurator is the scalable platform in the PALMA suite that executes the configuration model and serves other systems, platforms or solutions with results.
Utilize configuration everywhere!