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Product Architecture

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Manage Your Modular System & Configuration

In today’s global economy, the speed of change is inevitable. Organizations that adopt a composable business structure find that they are better positioned for both success and sustainable growth. The key enabler to a composable business model is best achieved with modular product platforms and configurable products. With PALMA, the leading software solution for strategic and data driven product management, you can have full control over the lifecycle of your modular product platforms while also efficiently managing configuration.

Achieve true composability for your organization with PALMA’s five core capabilities.

How Good Are You at Managing Your Product Architecture and Configuration?

We have designed a test that will give you insights into how fit your product architecture is in the areas of modularity, configuration, and governance. At the end of the test you will get a recommendation about where you are and what to do next. Have a go at it here.

Market specification
Market-Driven Platforms

Translate Customer Values to Product Properties

Successful companies have always put the customer needs at the center. How well aligned and documented is your company´s understanding of values held by different customer segments and how these values differ across geographies? And are they linked to your products’ features?

With PALMA you have a comprehensive tool to structure, analyze and share market segmentation insight across your organization. With this vital data in hand, your business can make impactful decisions on your product assortment based on real customer needs. This is the market-driven foundation on which a profitable product platform is built.

Modular Product Platforms

Where Company Strategy Meets Product Execution

Developing and maintaining modular product platforms over their lifetime requires a proven methodology and structured approach. PALMA enables this process by providing both business and technical decision-making support. For example, the insight supplied by PALMA aids organizations in making decisions around what technical solutions to use, and how to divide the products into independent modules. The capability applies to mechanics, electronics, and software individually as well as combined in a mechatronic system. PALMA also creates the structure to understand how each module is linked to your product strategy and how the product platform fulfills the overall company strategy.

Configurable Products

Use Modularity to Configure Your Products

Fulfilling your customer requirements is more straightforward and efficient when your product platforms are modularized. Organizations employing modularity achieve a high variety of customized solutions with less complexity and better economy of scale in design for production and operations.

With a modular product platform in place, PALMA ensures products are configured in a generic product structure where the modules are mapped into position. The result is a custom product portfolio that is efficient to manage and maintain, even with frequent phase-ins of new module variants.

Product Portfolio Planning

Make Roadmaps to Believe In

Managing a modular product platform means there must be an understanding of how changes to a module impact the product across your portfolio. What is the timeline to release a new product and what is the impact if there is a change in priorities or a delay?

PALMA leverages the power of synchronized planning with the option for multiple releases for any given product, module, technology or feature level. Now trustworthy roadmaps with real data that your organization can believe in are achievable.

Product Platform Management

Better Product Decisions with Platform and Portfolio Insights

To drive profitability, organizations need to be anticipating coming developments on the horizon. PALMA includes integrated profitability management, allowing for data-driven insight for proposed changes. Platform management with PALMA includes managing sales forecasts on products, phase-in/out timings, pricing of products, cost of module variants, investments needed for introducing module variants, and more.

With PALMA decision-making will be straightforward with transparency across the organization. You have all the insights within reach to make more informed, better decisions.

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