Tame your complexity and secure your profitability. PALMA gives you the tools to control your Complexity Cost, this allows you to take proper and sane decision from a profitability point view. To complete the Cost analysis, you can also manage your planned Direct Cost and Investments. To predict or simulate the effect on bottom line we also support Product pricing and Revenue forecasts. Avoid cannibalism or sub-optimal decision based on too narrow scope or simplified models.

Part Number Count

Product Complexity is triggered by Part Numbers. Understand your different Part Types and what activities are associated with those. Track where Parts are used and their volumes to get to the real Complexity Cost.​

For Product Management to understand Complexity Costs.


Module Variant Cost

Setup different types of Direct Costs. Assign Direct Costs to Module Variants. Understand total cost per unit considering Complexity Cost and Investments.​

For Product Management to understand Investment Costs.

Profitability 3

Module System Profitability

Explore the profitability per Calendar unit or Product Configuration or in total. Based on the forecasted Volume and the Revenue and the different Cost.​

For Product Management to understand profitability.

Profitability 5

Cash-flow prediction

See when in time all types of cost are due to payment; Investments, Resources, Direct costs. Analyze how re-planning affect cash need to fulfill plans.​

For Product Management to understand Cash-flow.

PALMA insight pictures - Configuration (3)

Module Investments

Setup different types of Investments. Assign Investment to Modules or Variants. Understand when in time Investments need to come and impact on cost per unit depending on what trigger the Investment.​

For Product Management to understand Investment Costs.

Profitability 2

Sales Forecast

Estimate sales volume per calendar unit for your assortment of Product Configurations or Families. Chose a planning calendar from annual to monthly. Based on the average price, estimate Sales revenue.​

For Product Management to understand Volumes and Revenue.

Profitability 4


See different Cost types and Volumes plans in total or per Module. Analyze overall Profitability, Cash-flow, Breakeven and Payback. See resource or need of activities over time.​

For Product Management to analyze all aspects of profitability.

Profitability 6

PALMA Foundation 

- Role based
- Configurable roles

- OpenID connect

SecurityCyber Security
-Data Separation
- Multi-layer Security

- Web based
- Thick-client feel

- Parallel
- Conflict free

- Storing before showing
- Cloud & backups
- AWS Cloud formation


- Who, When, What, Why
- Merge requests/accepts

Version Management-1Version Control
- Changesets
- Commits
- Branches & Baselines

- JSON-Format
- Versioning

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