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Identify Cost Issues Early

Identify Cost Issues Early

The module variant costing tool is part of the profitability suite of tools. It's used for estimating the direct cost of module variants. Here you will see the forecasted direct material and assembly costs. It also provides an aggregated total cost per sold unit for every module variant. So you can easily identify cost issues giving your team time to counter them.

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Production Investment Business Case

Volume is everything in production. To decide whether or not to introduce a new module variant requires, at a minimum, a rough estimate of what investments are needed. In the Module Investment tool, many production investments can be linked to module variants. The tool brings in volume estimates to provide a good overview of how much each variant will carry.

Reveal your Complexity Cost

Reveal your Complexity Cost

The cost of complexity and variance is often not considered in business cases for new development. In PALMA, there is a suite of tools that enables a simplified approach to "activity-based costing." These tools will reveal the true cost of a change to your product assortment allowing you to make much better decisions.

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Birds Eye View of Profitability

In the module system profitability tool, all the cost, revenue, and volume projections come together to form a picture of the future profitability of the module system. Anytime a change is needed, the profitability calculations are immediately updated to show its impact.

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