Capture your Customers Needs

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What do the Customers Really Want?

Customer segments have different priorities. In the Customer value ranking tool, customer values are ranked per segment. This gives the first indication of what needs vary in the product assortment and what can be standardized.

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Target the Right Segments

To know what to focus on when designing a product assortment, it is important to prioritize the customer segments. This can be done in the Segment Ranking tool based on evaluation criteria such as growth, market share, profitability.

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Package Solutions at an Early Stage

Create commercial packages of specification levels you want to offer to the market. This gives an outline of the product assortment at an early stage and provides clarity for engineering. Long before the detailed design starts.

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The Link Between Value and the Product

In the quality function deployment tool, customer values are explored and clarified. When connected to product properties, it becomes clear how to design the products to fulfil the customer values.

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